Homemade Italian Dishes

Take some time out of your day and stop by ALFREDO'S BRICK OVEN PIZZA in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. You will love our Italian dishes, which are bursting with authentic flavors.

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Specialty Dishes

After you try our popular pizza, treat yourself to one of our other dishes. We also have deserts with our catering menu, as well. With any of our dishes, we serve fresh salads with romaine lettuce and garlic nuts, and soup, too. You can also choose to have the pasta on the side from the main dish, or have them put together with the sauce on the pasta.

Our Ingredients

To accommodate food allergies, our menu has specific details of the ingredients in each meal. Each item details exactly what the dish is made with.


Sip on a drink as you enjoy our Italian dishes. We have Chianti and other wines, as well as beer like Peroni.

Contact us in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, for Italian dishes that satisfy your appetite.