ALFREDO'S BRICK OVEN PIZZA, is a family-owned restaurant celebrating more than 25 years in business. At our restaurant, you enjoy relaxing music and a great dining experience. Most of our professionally trained staff are family members, and have been trained to fulfill all your dining needs. We provide a unique service that makes you feel like you are in Italy. We serve lunch and dinner, and have a separate, private room for parties and events. Each entrée we serve is conveniently priced between $10-$18, which makes us a perfect destination for family meals. Reservations and walk-ins are accepted, as well. In addition, ask us about our catering services!

Our Venue

Our restaurant is split into three sections with over eight televisions that broadcast sports channels, as well as other stations. The décor and design makes you feel like you are in Italy. Our venue also offers free Wi-Fi, and happy hour between 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Contact us in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, for an Italian restaurant that caters to you.